Herman Kühn started his career working as a butcher, which subsequently led him to open his first own butchery in Cape Town. As his business grew, Herman discovered the need for repairing butchery equipment and opened “On The Spot Sharpeners” in 1965.  This expanded his repertoire to the sharpening of butchery tools, gardening equipment, carpentry and household tools.


In 1970 Herman opened his doors to a new venture and the world of bread slicing machines. His bread slicers were very successful in rural areas, but failed to entice the upper end of the market. This inspired him to design and build a machine that could slice bread in bulk at about 20 breads per minute, and Kühn Machines was born. These slicers reached widespread popularity in large supermarkets and during 1973 business started to boom. Five years later Herman travelled through Africa and Europe to expand Kühn Machines in new territories. In 1985 Herman bought a factory in Beaconville, at 33 Tredoux Street, Cape Town, where Kühn Machines expanded the manufacturing of bread slicers.